Arts Workers across the globe, whose creativity has elevated our best moments now sustain us through one of our worst.

The Music Real is a podcast sharing stories from every industry that music touches. From artists and venues to politicians, doctors and engineers, we uncover how music connects us and shed light on those who need our support now more than ever.

In this series, we map out just how many industries revolve around music, events and entertainment. We meet the people that make music possible, hear stories from all over the world on how we can all support these industries and discuss different ways these industries can support themselves amid covid-19 and beyond.

The Music Real is an independent podcast. Learn more about what we do and how you can support the industry.

Our Host - Nichola Burton

Nichola Burton and Emmanuel Kyriakidis started their Music Agency, The Pushworth Group, in 1990. After 3 decades as the “Engine Room”producing a comprehensive Training, Business and Wellness program for Artists and managing the Pushworth business, Nicki emerges in front of the camera to tell the story of an industry that has brought so much joy to the world.

A lifetime spent in the Music Industry, Nicki produced the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009 – 2014, and mentors and coaches Music Artists in her Music Means Business programs.

As the host, Nicki established the Music Real podcast in March 2020 to tell the story that needed to be told. 

“It is clear to me that as a sector we need to formally mobilize and produce relentless ongoing campaigns to unite every single sector of the Events, Hospitality, Film, TV, Arts, Entertainment and Music industries to come together, share their stories, issue a call to action and direct it into initiatives that will directly support the men and women who are the village that grows this ecosystem in Australia and indeed the world.” Nichola Burton

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